Artisan Olive Oil Grown and Milled on Maui.


Maui Olive Company


From the outset, since 2010, our vision has been all about producing high quality, extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO) with olives grown on our small family farm on Maui.  No simple task, since no one had grown olives commercially or ever made olive oil in Hawaii at that time.

In September 2015 we produced the very first drops of olive oil made in Hawaii.  This was a culmination of 6 years of planning, growing and tending olive trees, testing varieties, attending internships all to make olive oil possible on Maui.  It was an all hands on deck experience that involved family members, friends and acquaintances willing to work hard and long days to get the crop in and to the mill.  Nearly 3,600 pounds of ripe and green olives were hand picked and processed, and produced the first-ever olive oil made in Hawaii.  The oil was tested at UC Davis and found to meet the EVOO standards and be of artisan quality.

Now we are ready to share this one of a kind artisan extra-virgin olive oil with you.  Olive oil grown and produced on Maui is a rare and precious commodity and will be of limited supply.  Our oil is green, spicy, peppery, fruity and has a robust and complex taste.  The complexity and robust qualities of our oil are due to its early hand harvest, prompt milling and the superbly unique growing conditions that consist of Kula’s Mediterranean like micro-climate, volcanic soil and mild winds.



We all love olive oil and we all love Maui. Having Maui Olive Company grow and press fresh olives here is priceless. The flavor of the olive oil is deliciously rich and smooth.
— Chef Perry Bateman, Mama’s Fishhouse
As a chef in the industry we have a responsibility to community to explore new crops that the island has to offer. It was exciting to receive a sample of the first live pressing. The oil tasted fresh and light, it had a note of fruit with a light touch of pepper in the throat.
— Chef Tylun Pang Executive Chef, Fairmont Kea Lani
All i can say is that your olive oil is absolutely delicious. I only tasted this magnificent olive oil once at a friends house gathering and I was hooked.
— Chef Paris Nabavi, Sangrita
Building a successful food business in Hawaii is no easy task requiring persistence, passion and hard work. Which is why we celebrate Maui Olive Company’s widely successful hand crafted olive oil whose depth of character and unique flavor profiles reflect the special terroir of Maui’s rich volcanic soil and upcountry climate.
— Chef Chris Speere, Site Coordinator Maui Food Innovation Center

Experience the essence of the Island in a bottle.